July/August: Canzone dei dodici mese by Francesco Guccini : Translation

IMGP0691 cut1 web

Image: Cut grass in Valle Fausano Calosso- July 2013

Rest up, drink

let the world around seem

as in a vision

Ah, he’s here,

July the Lion,

with long days of bright colours

as  in a vision.

August, no work,

idling in your long sleepy hours

Ah, this moment, it’s never felt so good

to be drunk on wine and heat,

wine and heat

Original from the song canzone dei dodici mese by Francesco Guccini

Con giorni lunghi di colori chiari ecco Luglio, il leone,
riposa, bevi e il mondo attorno appare come in una visione, come in una visione…
Non si lavora Agosto, nelle stanche tue lunghe oziose ore
mai come adesso è bello inebriarsi di vino e di calore, di vino e di calore…

Notes:  Yes, I’ve played fast and loose  to make July the Lion.. appear as in a vision. Guccini’s original  come in una visione refers only to the world.  But if half asleep and half drunk on a hot July day  a brightly coloured lion can’t appear as a vision in that world  – and let me work in Guccini’s repetition of come in una visione  then Blake’s tiger had better get taken back to the zoo. Translation, for me is not regurgitation.

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