The revolution will be twittered

Been following events in Iran via Twitter. Must learn how to “read” (as in critically deconstruct) this raw multi media feed of rumour, news, comment and video . How have I experienced it? Certainly not in the same way as you read a book or newspaper, or watch the news on TV.  No,  this is vicarious demonstration for a virtual world. It can, does, involve you.
 Mcluhan would have had fun with Twitter, “hot or cool” -which?
One thing is clear – sousveillance – the mobile phone as camera turned back onto the authorities has come of age.  Tomlinson at the G20, demonstrations in Tehran today. Seems like the young get it and the old men in power don’t. The new icon of revolution is not the upraised flag of liberty/party, leader/martyr’s photo, little red book. It’s the individual’s mobile phone raised to film. Not that I hold out much hope that the mobile is mightier than the sword – mobiles may motivate but bullets bite.
Anyway out of the babble one video link emerged for me. A quiet voice.
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